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  • Ninth AF adds joint flavor to STAFFEX 18-5

    Ninth Air Force advanced through its fifth Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) Aug. 13 through 17, focusing on operations in the U.S. Southern Command theater.
  • 495th Fighter Group welcomes 4th commander

    Col. Michael J. Dean, 495th Fighter Group incoming commander, assumed command of the group June 26.
  • Fourth AF Joint Task Force HQ STAFFEX highlights African humanitarian assistance mission

    Ninth Air Force held its fourth Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) June 18 through 22 since being tasked by Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein to stand up an Air Force Joint Task Force (JTF)-capable headquarters.
  • 9th AF members learn JTF functions firsthand during JC18

    Airmen from 9th Air Force (9th AF) participated in exercise Juniper Cobra 18 (JC18), Mar. 4-15, in Israel to continue building toward certification as a Joint Task Force (JTF)-capable headquarters for the Air Force.
  • AGOW celebrates 10 years, looks to future

    Since 2008, the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing has been on the front lines of the global war against terrorism providing ground combat forces specially trained to integrate air and space power into the joint scheme maneuver.
  • Defenders demonstrate combat readiness

    After 48-hours of preparation and travel, the Airmen arrive at a bare base. The climate is 40 degrees colder than they’re used to, the terrain and landscape are unfamiliar, but they hit the ground running.
  • 9th AF, JECC partner in JTF forming exercise

    The Department of Defense is one step closer to an Air Force-led certified joint task force headquarters (JTF-HQ) capability, following the conclusion of the 9th Air Force JTF Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) March 4-9.
  • Air Force, Army collaborate during joint training

    In the heart of Mojave Desert in southeastern California, U.S. Army ground forces engage in fierce combat with mock insurgents. As the grueling battle intensified with no standstill in sight, these combat warriors remained confident knowing aerial support was a radio’s call away.
  • MQ-9 Reaper Airmen arrive at Shaw

    MQ-9 Reaper support Airmen recently began arriving at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, in line with Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson’s Jan. 10 announcement that the base will be home to a new MQ-9 group.
  • CBRNE prepares Airmen to deploy

    Team Moody Airmen participated in a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRNE) class, Feb. 1, here. The class was geared towards better preparing the Airmen to combat an enemy attack while also familiarizing them with their mission-oriented protective posture (MOPP) gear.