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  • Combat comm integrates with Ninth AF during STAFFEX 18-6

    Headquarters Ninth Air Force trained with an integral communication piece of a joint task force (JTF) headquarters before its certification event in December during Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) 18-6 Sept. 24 through 28.
  • Ninth AF adds joint flavor to STAFFEX 18-5

    Ninth Air Force advanced through its fifth Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) Aug. 13 through 17, focusing on operations in the U.S. Southern Command theater.
  • Fourth AF Joint Task Force HQ STAFFEX highlights African humanitarian assistance mission

    Ninth Air Force held its fourth Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) June 18 through 22 since being tasked by Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein to stand up an Air Force Joint Task Force (JTF)-capable headquarters.
  • 9th AF members learn JTF functions firsthand during JC18

    Airmen from 9th Air Force (9th AF) participated in exercise Juniper Cobra 18 (JC18), Mar. 4-15, in Israel to continue building toward certification as a Joint Task Force (JTF)-capable headquarters for the Air Force.
  • 9th AF, JECC partner in JTF forming exercise

    The Department of Defense is one step closer to an Air Force-led certified joint task force headquarters (JTF-HQ) capability, following the conclusion of the 9th Air Force JTF Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) March 4-9.
  • STAFFEX continues training to become Air Force JTF-capable headquarters

    Ninth Air Force staff participated in Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) 18-2 Jan. 16 through 19 as part of the roadmap to becoming a Joint Task Force (JTF)-capable headquarters directed by Air Force Chief of Staff David L. Goldfein.
  • Airmen participate in Army exercise, complete last element of CSAF initiative

    About 30 Airmen, who recently completed the first-ever U.S. Air Force Rear Mission Support Element course at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, in February, participated in the U.S. Army’s Warfighter Exercise 17-4 April 3-11 at Fort Hood, Texas.
  • New course supports CSAF initiative

    The first official U.S. Air Force Rear Mission Support Element unit-forming event began Feb. 13, graduating two classes of approximately 60 Airmen from around the Air Force who are tasked to deploy in positions supporting operations at the Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve headquarters.
  • Commander sets priorities, way ahead for 9th AF

    Maj. Gen. Scott J. Zobrist assumed command of 9th Air Force in May 2016. Since then, Zobrist visited the wings under 9th AF, gained impressions and set his commander’s priorities.
  • CSAF letter to Airmen

    This paper is the second in a series to share my thinking behind three key CSAF focus areas over the next four years. As stated in the first paper, "Revitalizing Squadrons – the Heartbeat of the Air Force", these ideas are neither revolutionary nor a significant vector change. Each align with our Air Force Future Operating Concept and Strategic Master Plan -- our strategic vision documents.